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Laying the Groundwork for your Commercial Construction Project

The key to completing any commercial construction project on time and within budget is to plan the project carefully from the outset.   Marquee Builds are committed to ensuring their client’s projects receive careful planning and coordinated project management.  

Marquee Builds’ Five-Stage Construction Process guides clients each step of the way and guarantees that each project is planned in detail to the client’s precise specifications.  

Edmonton,February 13, 2020

Commercial construction projects vary considerably in size, scale and purpose and involve, not only physical building, but also administration concerning, legal requirements, safety checks and environmental regulations.  Any project with such diverse concerns, inevitably the potential to run into difficulties and delays.  

The key to completing a construction project successfully is getting the preparation right.  Proper planning can prevent a myriad of misfortunes. With Marquee Builds’ Five-Stage Construction Process you can be assured that all the right preparatory steps are taken to get your project on a sound footing and heading in the right direction.   

Marquee Builds take time at the very beginning of the project to listen carefully to the client to ensure all potential issues are anticipated and addressed.  This involves considering five key aspects of the project: its purpose, its location and site conditions, the relevant zoning regulations, finances and the project time-frame. 

For any commercial construction project to be successful it must fulfill an identified need, help commercial targets to be met and be cost-effective.   The location of any development and the suitability of the site is crucial. It is difficult to envisage any commercial endeavor not highly dependent on location.  A clear-headed assessment of whether the identified sites is an essential part of the planning process.  

Regulations can limit the function of your commercial construction and affect the viability of sites.  Submitting the correct paperwork at the right time can add delays and costs to your project. Stage Five of Marquee Builds’ construction process focuses on the correct administration of your project.

Laying the groundwork for your construction project inevitably involves considering the financial implications.  Costing a large project is not easy particularly when it involves a number of unknown variables and the potential for delays.  Delays are perhaps the number one enemy of anyone overseeing a construction project. Many delays are simply due to bad planning and careful preparation can go a long way to eliminate unnecessary hold ups. 

The best groundwork you can do is to properly research commercial construction companies and hire one that will expertly guide you through the whole process.   A general contractor will act as a business partner throughout the course of the project. If you manage to put in place someone who is not only an expert in the field but trustworthy and a good communicator, then you will have laid excellent foundations for your commercial construction project.